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Project Plan

  • Darul Aman is an islamic centre in Magdeburg, a city in East Germany and also the capital of the state Saxony Anhalt.
  • What is Islam?
  • Islam comprises of the following:
  1. Faith (ايمانيات): Belief that our success is only and only in following the orders of Allah (Quran) and the ways of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) (Sunnah).
  2. Prayer and worship (عبادات):
    1. Five times of prayer
    2. Fasting in Ramadan
    3. Paying Zakat and
    4. Performing the Hajj.
  3. Ethics (اخلاقيات) : Working on our innerself i.e., keeping our mind and heart away from bad thinking, wishes and desires.
  4. Social System (معاشرت) : Building up a prosperous، happy and healthy society. Helping and supporting the whole creation of Allah (all living beings).
  5. All of the above are strongly interconnected to one another and Darul Aman is and will be the place to learn and practice all these.
    Our Moto:
    Learn by practicing and practice by learning.
  1. Masjid
  2. Quran and Hadith lessons (men and women)
  3. Voluntary service
  1. Madrasah
  2. Islamic school for boys and girls
  3. Islamic Library
  1. Islamic funeral and burial
  2. Islamic marriage (Nikkah)
  3. Darul Aman Marriage Bureau
  1. Prayer rooms in Muslim-majority districts
  2. Sports hall for men and women, boys and girls
  3. Halal slaughterhouse
  1. Free bus service for differently abled people to be picked up and dropped off at Darul Aman
  2. Other projects discussed in Darul Aman meetings

What We Do?

Sub Projects

Learning Quran & Hadith

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Islamic School

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Funeral & Burial

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Marriage Ceremony

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Halah Slaughterhouse

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Sports Hall

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Islamic Library

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Voluntary Service

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Become A Volunteer

Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) advised us:

to take advantage of five before five:

"Take advantage of five maters before five other matters"

  1. Your youth,before you become old
  2. Your health,before you fall sick
  3. Your wealth,before you become poor
  4. Your free time,before you become busy
  5. And your life,before you death

Allah has blessed each human being at least with one of the following:

  • Time
  • Wealth
  • Health

If,I have all the above,then I must be more thankful to Allah amd try my best to utilize these in the way(s) described in Quran and Hadith.This is the only way I can be successful in this world and in the life after.

Darul-Aman is one of the biggest projects and needs people with their prayers(Dua),skills,money,time and much more.

Think out of the box and ask yourself"how can I support and be part of this project?"

If you support this project in a regular basis,then you are considered as the Member of Darul-Aman otherwise a Volunteer